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Bone Grafting

Bone can resorb over time from various reasons. One reason is a lack of stimulation in the bone around the area where a tooth was lost. Another reason could be denture pressure or compression on the gum and bone ridge.

Periodontal disease around a tooth may cause loss of bone. Further loss of bone volume and density decreases the long-term stability, function and comfort of any tooth-replacement option.

With bone grafting, we can now regenerate bone that was lost and even regain beyond what was lost. The bone can come from your own body, but typically it is from a donor human or animal bone that has been thoroughly processed at very high temperatures to make it sterile and safe to avoid the potential for immune rejection and contamination.

The bone provides a framework for which your own bone and cells can grow and fill in.

Prior to implant placement, the doctors will assess the existing bone quality, height and width to ensure it will support the forces of chewing with the right size of dental implant.

Consideration will be made for enhancement of esthetic appearance and hygiene maintenance. This gives our patients a chance to regain their health by ultimately replacing missing teeth in an area with strong bone foundation that is in harmony with the rest of the body, thus making chewing food enjoyable again.

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