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Not all oral appliances are the same.

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Oral Day/ Night Appliances

An oral appliance may be worn to protect teeth that are worn, cracked, chipped, sensitive or painful. Special types of oral orthotic or sleep appliances are used for treating symptoms include grinding / clenching, jaw pain / noises, headaches, muscle pain, ear pain, snoring and sleep apnea.

At Deerwater, we carefully design an appliance that best meets your needs.

Effective appliance design relies on proper medical diagnosis. Thus, it is important to discuss your conditions with us and your family physician.

Common TMJ appliances may relieve symptoms and prevent further damage to your teeth and jaw joints. Customized TMJ/TMD treatment may include wearing an oral orthotic appliance for day and night.

These orthotic appliances are designed to break the vicious cycle of functional and physical triggers that contribute to the break down of your mouth and jaw. Orthotic appliances support healing and rehabilitation

Oral appliances for obstructive sleep disorder are tailor-made for each patient. The appliances require specific design, fabrication, and customized fittings. These individualized appliances normalize the patient’s jaw and tongue positions to achieve optimal breathing. Proper follow-up is essential to assure treatment efficacy.

Oral orthotic appliances are not suitable for children. The appliances interrupt the growing children’s skeletal development. At Deerwater Dental Wellness, our treatment goal for children is to naturally open up their airway to improve breathing and long-term health. Treatments may involve upper and lower jaw expansion and relationship adjustments, myofunctional appliances and training, diet and lifestyle changes.

Our dentists have completed intensive training with extensive clinical experience in TMJ dysfunction, craniofacial pain and sleep-disordered breathing. Contact us to learn about the types of appliances suitable for your treatment needs.

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