Orthodontics - So much more than just having straight teeth.

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Do you have crooked teeth? Crowding? Bad bite? Hard to clean areas? Trouble chewing hard, crunchy or chewy foods? Does your face seem unbalanced?

Do you have trouble breathing through your nose? Do you breathe through your mouth? Do you have poor, restless sleep?

Orthodontics is more than just having straight teeth. The reason that teeth become crooked may not be due to genetic or the size of your mouth! At Deerwater Dental Wellness, our assessments aim at correcting crooked teeth plus reversing the causes of crooked teeth/bad bite, so that the function of your mouth is stable and in harmony with the rest of your body.

Our treatments aim to give you: Straighter teeth, A stable, functional bite, A beautiful smile, a balanced and relaxed facial expression, Pain-free jaw joint and facial muscles.

Children matter! Giving them the best chance at achieving their full potential is our passion. At every recare exam, our doctors monitor the growth and development of our growing children patients. We act at the first bad signs in the way a child’s face is growing or how the teeth are coming in. We use “interceptive orthodontics” as an early intervention to reduce the complexity and need for second phase orthodontics later on.

Some orthodontic problems stem from orofacial - myofunctional issues (mouth breathing, thumb sucking, tongue thrust, improper swallow, etc.) which hinder children’s growth and development in their jaw and face. Hence, retraining the muscle function and habits of the face and tongue may reduce the chance or eliminate the need of extracting healthy teeth, surgery and wearing retainers in the future.

Benefits of Interceptive Orthodontics observed:

  • Straightened teeth
  • Optimized facial development
  • Alignment of the jaws
  • Overall better health
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved airway and breathing
  • Better concentration and attention
  • Corrected swallow and Improved posture

Orthodontic treatments traditionally happen during adolescents when all permanent teeth are in the mouth. Great results are possible, however, the use of retainers is necessary to prevent relapse and ensure stability.

Treatment time may also be compromised due to competing forces in the mouth related to aberrant myofunctional habits. At Deerwater, we provide early intervention to children and adolescents to help optimize their orthodontic treatments.

Adults and older adults are also candidates for orthodontics. Reasons for orthodontic treatment may be for esthetics, difficulty with chewing, jaw or face pain, relapse after early orthodontics, etc. Whatever the reason may be, many adults benefit with better health and smile from successful orthodontic treatment.

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