Chronic Pain
Migraines and Muscle Pain

Do you get severe throbbing head pain? Do you have neck pain or facial pain? Sensitive to light and sounds? Feel nauseous? Have difficulty concentrating? Does your mood change?

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Chronic Pain

Migraines and orofacial muscle pain reduce the quality of life. Even day-to-day activities at home or work can become challenging when an individual suffers from these chronic symptoms.

Oftentimes, headaches, migraines, head, and facial pain and musculoskeletal pain are symptoms of a greater problem happening in the body. Patients may be surprised that chronic migraines or orofacial muscle pain may be related to their jaw.

Some causes of migraines and muscle pain may include macro traumas such as automobile accidents, sports injuries, accidents, etc. or micro traumas such as clenching and grinding of the teeth.

At Deerwater Dental Wellness, we believe the key to long-term relief of chronic pain is in the proper diagnosis of the root causes, rather than treatment of the symptoms. After proper diagnosis, a treatment plan is customized for each patient targeting the individual body’s priorities.

From a dental physician’s perspective, Deerwater has consolidated knowledge to provide a no-surgical and non-invasive treatment approach called S.O.S Tx for TMD and Chronic Pain to break the vicious cycle of stress triggers and enhance the body's ability to handle these various stressors. Stressors may include psychological and physical destabilizing factors, environmental, orthopaedic/structural, habitual stressors and the ones related to past injury. Treating these stressors allows the body to restore body hemostasis that leads to tension release.

Once the body is relieved of tension, further treatment is then facilitated for the body to experience rehabilitation in order to resolve pain and promote proper healing of the chronic conditions.

S.O.S Tx for TMD and Chronic Pain* treatment is gentle, safe and non-invasive. It does not require surgery, needles, direct adjustments or ischemic muscle treatment. The treatment process may range from supportive therapy using temporary oral appliances to orthotic appliances to support healing of the jaw joint while maintaining the jaw function. Other adjuncts may include nutritional counselling, supplement regimens, physical medicine treatment (e.g. cold laser therapy, meridian stimulation, ETPS, neuro-mechanical acupuncture), and Pain Neutralization Treatment.

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