Tooth removal is sometimes the best health option.

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Permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but in some circumstances, your dentist may recommend an extraction as the best option for your oral health. Most often, a tooth is removed due to trauma, extensive tooth decay, severe bone loss or crowding.

For example, wisdom teeth removal may be recommended if the tooth is in an awkward or potentially harmful position due to lack of space.

Over time, following a tooth extraction, the other teeth may tend to shift, which changes your bite and body structure. The bone and soft tissue in that area also tend to shrink which can leave insufficient bone volume for future replacement of the tooth with something like an implant.

If replacing with a bridge, the loss in bone volume may also lead to a gap between the teeth and the gum underneath the dental bridge.

For these reasons, our doctors will assess the immediate and long-term impact of tooth extraction. At the time of extraction, an important option to consider is preserving the bone volume to reduce future costs and extra surgical procedures. Additionally, a more solid bone foundation keeps your range of treatment options wider for future tooth replacement.

While some extractions are simple, others can be more complex requiring the removal of gum tissue or bone. Regardless of whether your extraction is simple or surgical, it is important to follow the doctor’s post-extraction instructions closely to speed up recovery and avoid complications.

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