High concentration Platelet Rich Plasma

Accelerate your body’s healing and regeneration naturally.

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HcPRP (High concentration Platelet Rich Plasma) is a technique that involves extracting your body's own natural healing and regenerative elements from your own blood.

A small blood sample is taken from the person being treated and put into a centrifuge that spins at high speed. This process separates platelets from other blood components. The high concentration of platelets is then added to the surgical area.

Platelets are the smallest cells in the blood and functions in blood clot formation and growth factors help to heal wounds by stimulating stem cells to regenerate new host tissue as quickly as possible.

HcPRP is very effective in the post-treatment healing process and is often used for regenerative medicine procedures such as bone graftingand soft tissue grafting prior to implant placement. It is very safe and convenient since the small amount of blood used comes from the patient’s own body.

Other benefits include lowering the risk of infection and accelerating the healing process after surgery. Ultimately, this allows the patient to feel more comfortable immediately after the procedure and speed up healing time in a natural way.

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